Garden Parasols

Garden Parasols provide the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor living and entertaining zone. They can provide your garden with a sense of formality and structure and enhance the overall appeal of any space. The large fabric canopy of the parasol provides you with shade, protection from the elements and makes a visually stunning statement.


There are two main types of garden parasol – fixed and movable. A fixed garden parasol needs to be properly installed and is a far more durable and long lasting option. A movable parasol provides a higher degree of flexibility and allows you to move your shading around the garden as needed. The average home handyman type can install a garden parasol without having to hire a tradesman. The garden parasol will usually need to be installed into the ground of your gardens, in a wooden decked area or into pavers in your patio area. If you are able follow the instructions supplied with the parasol, you should be able to install the parasol properly. For a very large parasol it is probably better to hire a professional to undertake the installation.


There are a huge range of stores available that sell garden parasols, from huge chains to small, boutique businesses. It makes sense to shop around, compare pricing and get the best possible value for money. Make sure you consider installation costs when factoring the best option to go with. A garden parasol that comes with a long warranty will provide you with security and peace of mind. When you are comparing prices you will need to consider the size that you require, the style and the level of durability. Obviously, a semi-permanent roof like structure will be quite expensive, whereas a small fold away parasol will be very affordable.

The Outdoor Elements

You will want to understand how your garden parasol will cope with the sun, the rain and the snow. The shading of your parasol should ideally be constructed from highly durable, waterproof material. It should be mould and water-resistant and should be properly treated to stop the colour from fading. You will need to consider the wind resistance offered by your garden parasol – of course, most people will collapse their garden parasols if there is a wild storm brewing. The product specifications will usually detail the level of wind resistance provided by the item.

The Perfect Canopy

You should consider you own individual requirements before purchasing a garden parasol. For example, what size do you need for relaxing and entertaining? How will you be using the canopy? Is there a particular style or design that you prefer? There is a massive variation in terms of price – for example you may purchase a small, cheap parasol or a massive, gazebo inspired structure. You may be placing your garden parasol by a pool, or at the back of your garden to create a clearly defined outdoor living zone. A Garden Parasol can allow you to create an elegant, structure and functional outdoor living area that can provide the perfect space to entertain, relax and enjoy life with your family.

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