Garden Seating

Garden seating plays a pivotal role in the design of any garden. In order to achieve maximum functionality and beauty, garden seating should be used as a decorative feature and as a purpose-defined area for relaxing and entertaining. There are various garden seating options for you to consider including enclosed seating, benches and entertaining chairs.

Showcase Your Garden

It is possible to choreograph your visitor’s movements with garden seating. Garden seating can help to gently direct visitors and guests to key locations in your space that you would like them to admire or that you wish to draw attention to. A series of garden seats carefully positioned around your garden can create a flowing journey so that you can enjoy a meandering tour of the great outdoors with frequent seats to stop and appreciate the beauty of the roses and greenery. Garden seating creates a strong and powerful way of encouraging movement, connection and interaction with the outdoor space. Installing elements that encourage a pleasant tour should not feel forced – bench seats, sculptures and decks can all create this effect. Any seating that you do incorporate should be made to appear a part of the garden, so make sure that you consider planting and flowers placed elegantly around your seating.

Garden Seating Options

Enclosed Seating Areas – an excellent way to create a seating area to enjoy your garden. Installing a gazebo or a garden parasol can provide a structured roof to sit under so that you can enjoy the flowers and wildlife in your outdoor space. The effect of enclosed seating areas can be absolutely stunning. You are limited only by your imagination. The best strategy for selecting the right enclosed garden seating option is to search online and through lifestyle magazines for sources of inspiration. You will start to get a feel for the style that you prefer and the kind of enclosed seating that may compliment your garden area. Then, you can begin to research your options and price compare.

The Bench – a garden bench can be a striking and pivotal feature for any garden. Exposed to the lovely warmth of the sun, and surrounded by gorgeous roses and violets, a bench will provide a wonderful, peaceful place for relaxation and quiet contemplation. Garden benches are usually constructed from highly enduring and strong materials such as stone, concrete or hardwood. A large garden bench can make a bold statement in your garden and act as an important landscape design feature.

Chairs For Entertaining

There are an endless variety of chairs available for outdoor entertaining. The cheapest and easiest option is a selection of plastic chairs. Canvas chairs are more expensive, however, they look fantastic and are extremely comfortable to sit on. Wooden chairs are highly attractive and will last forever. You can make wooden chairs more comfortable to sit on by attaching fabric cushions that you can remove after your entertaining is finished. Whichever garden seating option you select, you can be certain that you will greatly enhance your outdoor enjoyment and leisure time.

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