John Lewis Garden Furniture

If you want the best for your garden then why not take a look at the John Lewis garden furniture range? Designed to give your garden a unique cosmetic makeover, the John Lewis range provides quality and affordable furniture to suit all gardens and tastes. So what type of furniture can you expect from the range?

The Different Types of John Lewis Garden Furniture

John Lewis garden furniture mainly consists of wooden furniture. Most people prefer wooden furniture as it gives the garden a homely feel. It tends to look nicer than metal or plastic furniture and it won’t get blown away in strong winds either! The only thing that you have to look at with wooden outdoor furniture is whether it is weather proof. Not all wooden furniture is, but with the John Lewis range you can be sure that the furniture will last through the elements.

If you are aiming to give your garden a formal, elegant setting then you may want to consider the Nova Montrose Bistro Set or the John Lewis Classia Bistro Set. The latter in particular has a cafe style feel to it. You could sit back on a nice summer’s day and imagine that you are in Venice. There is a slight Mediterranean feel to it and that certainly helps to brighten up the garden.

Day beds are great for lazy summer’s days when all you want to do is relax and enjoy the sunshine. The Barlow Tyrie Dune daybeds are particularly popular and they look really stylish too. Not only do they look good, but they also feel fantastic too. You really won’t want to leave them once you have lied down on them.

If you have the space for one and if you want to get into the holiday mood, why not purchase a hammock? The ones found at John Lewis come in a variety of colours and they are created using nylon string. They are fun and they will help to brighten up the garden, even on the most miserable of days!

As well as large pieces of furniture, there are also great accessories that you can purchase for your garden. It is often the smallest details that make the most difference to the appearance of a room or the garden. Within the John Lewis garden furniture accessory collection, you will find storage chests, sunshades, tables, and Lazy Susans. You can also find accessories for garden furniture including cushions and throws and covers.

Overall, the John Lewis garden furniture range is definitely worth a look. There is bound to be at least one piece of furniture to suit your needs as well as your budget.

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