Taking Care of Your Wooden Garden Furniture

The wood garden furniture is one of your huge investments that you will have to take care of if you want them to last for several years, going past behind what is set for them. Proper care of your garden furniture is the key to keeping them for as long as you can, even giving them to your children when the right time comes. And because your garden furniture is made of wood, there are certain things that you need to do which is different from the care of other types of garden furniture.

Waterproof covers are needed by wooden garden furniture when these are not in use. This is to protect your garden furniture from the rain and from the heat of the sun which are two of the main damaging factors that you will encounter. You might say that this takes a lot of your time but you only need to spare a few minutes and then you’re done. It’s not much work, and remember, you want your wooden garden furniture to last that’s why you are doing that.

Cleaning is of course as vital when it comes to the care of wood garden furniture. The dirt that is accumulated in these garden furniture pieces will eventually damage them, rendering them useless.

If you look into your local stores, there are certain products that are designed for cleaning wood garden furniture, and these are the ones recommended for you. These clean wooden garden furniture effectively so that they can last longer. Or if you prefer to use soap and water, you can do so, but be sure to wipe them off properly so that they will be dry.

Wood garden furniture  too needs to be oiled and painted when you feel like they need these to be done on them. You can paint, sand or re-stain the garden furniture so that they will be protected from the above mentioned factors that can damage these. These too need to be oiled for a couple of times during the year so that the wood will be protected. What you do is to simply let the wood be saturated with oil so that it will soak in. Also, a hardware check is not harmless and can be very useful actually when certain screws and bolts loosen up. Replacements will not take that long and when you do that soon after you found out, then the better condition your wood garden furniture will be in.

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